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Soft landscaping services in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - Veisa company limited

Soft Landscaping In Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Create an outdoor feel that reflects your personality, lifestyle and connects you with nature.

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Softscaping Services 

Includes mulch, bark and compost, planting, grass installation and more!

At Veisa, we offer a variety of softscape services that will help with the overall beauty of your garden. We offer everything from installing mulch, bark or compost to turf installation, planting flowers and everything in between, so you can customise your landscaping project however you want. We provide all of our services to property owners in Aberdeen, Insch, Huntly, Ellon, Inverurie and surrounding areas of Aberdeenshire.

We're Now Accepting Full-service Customers!

Grass installation service in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - Veisa

Grass Installation

Eager to create a new lawn without the wait? our grass installation service is a perfect solution. We prepare the area to ensure proper grass placement, increasing the chances of successful growth. Plus, your lawn will look stunning right after installation!

Artificial grass installation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - Veisa

Artificial Grass

A low-maintenance option to real turf, provides a year-round beauty and functionality without the need for cutting grass, watering or fertilising.

Annual flower planting service in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - Veisa

Annual Flower Planting

Add some colour through our planting service! We specialise in filling garden beds with vibrant annual flowers, adding life and beauty throughout the seasons.

Raised garden bed installation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - Veisa

Raised Garden Bed

Numerous benefits for both new and experienced gardeners, including improved soil drainage, better pest control and easier access for planting, watering and harvesting.

Mulch, bark and compost installation in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - Veisa

Mulch, Bark and Compost

Essential components of a thriving garden, providing numerous benefits such as weed suppression, moisture retention, soil enrichment and erosion control.

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Essential services your property requires.

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