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Stone & Hardscaping

Block paving, lock block , slabbing, wall building, paths, driveways, patios and concrete work

Block & Lock Block Paving

Driveways and pathways may be quite appealing and have beautiful patterns. They create a significant impression and might even increase the value of your property. Paving stones come in a variety of shapes, finishes, and colours and can be set in a custom shape or pattern to suit your tastes and preferences.

There's one thing we always aim exceed expectations.

Stone & Porcelain Slabs

Patios and garden paths built of stone slabs look fantastic and have a more natural appearance than standard paving stones. We have a broad assortment of stone slab colours and styles to pick from. The cost of a slab can vary substantially depending on the materials used and the complexity of the designs.


Retaining Walls

The garden wall is an essential component of every garden. Walls can not only give seclusion to your garden, but they can also be an attractive feature of your landscape design. Veisa & Co Ltd specialises in brick, stone, wood, and other materials walls, including retaining walls and fences. For further information on possible choices and price, please contact us.

The beginning of a great looking yard, starts with structure.

Block and Lock Block Paving in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire & North East Scotland: Ready for a new driveway or path?
Stone & Porcelain Slabbing in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire & North East Scotland: Great way to improve your landscape
Retaining walls in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire & North East Scotland: Essential component of every garden

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